A family-owned company is born – and grows up

The land on which Schongiland AG is to be found was not always home to an amusement park. In December 1961, Seppi Müller opened his own company: a shop selling cars and tires. His shop became very well known, but Seppi Müller had dreamed of owning his own amusement park since he was a child. As a result, he, his wife and their four children opened Schongiland AG in 1991, without great fanfare. The project started with a toboggan run that was financed by the manufacturer. The entrance to the toboggan was to be found in the same place it is today; namely, in the old mill, which was purchased and lovingly restored in 1968. These restructuring measures and investments laid the foundations for Schongiland as we know it today. Schongiland AG has grown year on year since 1991, as the timeline below shows.

Thomas Müller

Inhaber / Geschäftsleiter


Jessica Müller

Leitung Administration

Bike-Bahn Schongiland

Renata Müller

Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung / Ticketverkauf


Stefan Hasler

Stv. Betriebsleiter

Erich Geissbühler



Lian Küttel


Andrea Kretz

Leitung Gastronomie / Reinigung


Elisabeth Hauri



Claudia Hartmann



Isilda Eberli


Melanie Kindschi


Astrid Wiederkehr

Küchenteam / Ticketverkauf


Fabienne Schmid



  • 2020 Schongiland AG purchased the car park, covering 3,500 m2, plus an expansion area of 2,500 m2 for a new amusement arcade.
  • 2019 2019 Schongi Rail was rebranded as the Schongi Ice Racer, with the vehicles and station being redesigned. The beverage store was expanded to include new shelving.
  • 2018 The entrance and exit were rebuilt, along with a shelter for the nearby bike shop. After all, guests should feel comfortable from the moment they arrive at Schongiland.
  • 2017 A new bridge was built for the bob track lift, which covers a length of around 60 meters. The design of the roof at the start of the bob track was transformed, with Schongiland AG being inspired by the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne. The gardens also took on fresh radiance with new tables and chairs.
  • 2016 A new ride was built to mark the 25th anniversary. Known as the “Butterfly”, it was very well received by adults and children alike, giving them the wonderful feeling of butterflies in their stomach. The Butterfly is the CEO’s favorite attraction. As a child, it was his dream to own a ride that rattled and clanked like a real rollercoaster.
  • 2015 The management’s offices and the Schongi Shop were redesigned and restructured.
  • 2014 Tomas Müller, Seppi Müller’s son, became the new CEO of Schongiland AG, taking it into the second generation. As one generation handed over the baton to the next, a new kiosk building with a large professional kitchen was built, plus a new break room for staff.
  • 2013 A colorful water playground was built to give guests somewhere to cool off and refresh themselves in summer.
  • 2012 Schongiland AG decided to also offer its tiny visitors a bundle of fun, creating a play area (with a trampoline!) that was reserved for toddlers.
  • 2011 20 years of Schongiland: something to celebrate! To mark the occasion, guests were treated to a new attraction in the form of the comet swing. The pedal-car course was made bigger, the goats were given a new stall and the cycles on the bike course got a new shelter. Seppi Müller built an anniversary ride to commemorate the moment.
  • 2010 The Salto trampoline was replaced with a new bouncy castle, and 50 covered seats were added to the gardens when the bridge house was constructed.
  • 2009 Schongiland AG gained its next major attraction: the Schongi Loop, a somersault ride. In addition to the Schongi Loop, a museum of machines and appliances was opened in the arcade.
  • 2008 The existing sanitary facilities were renovated, and a barrier-free WC and changing area were built: everyone is welcome at Schongiland!
  • 2006 A new sensation came to Schongiland: the bouncy pillow. The movable story telling the life of park founder Seppi Müller, constructed and built by the man himself, was unveiled.
  • 2005 The pedal-car course, including 10 vehicles, was made a reality, plus an additional BBQ area with a tent and hut.
  • 2004 The new playground was designed, with features such as the Slide of Hell, hexagonal swing, swing rope and climbing pyramid. In addition, the donkey, miniature goats and rabbits got new enclosures and stalls.
  • 2003 A slide was purchased at a trade fair in Biel, while the entrance to Schongiland was redone and additional attractions were added. A bouncy castle and a building site where guests could play with sand, water wheels and an old gravel roller, added the finishing touches to the scene.
  • 2002 The Mühleweier nature reserve was taken back to its natural state, creating new habitats for animals and plants. A Salto trampoline was now part of Schongiland AG’s inventory.
  • 2001 The upper floor of the hall needed to be closed. As a result, the bike track and Schongi Rail were moved outside.
  • 1998 Schongiland AG bought the former mill and around 40,000 m2 of additional land for yet more sport and leisure activities.
  • 1997 The hall previously used for repairing cars now housed a bike course and skateboard track, which were incredibly popular. The bike course covered four floors, while the skate track was brimming with variety. This was joined by a bike and skate hire service, including a snack bar.
  • 1996 The educational water wheel trail was created. This attraction was founded by the association “Freunde der alten Mühle” Schongau.
  • 1995 Attractions such as UFOs, model cars, forklift trucks and diggers took up residence in the park. The Lucky Blacksmith’s Shop, a party venue featuring an integrated blacksmith’s forge, was opened in this year and could be hired out for events such as weddings or corporate get-togethers.
  • 1994 A new chair-o-plane expanded Schongiland AG’s list of rides, and a roof was built to cover the toboggan run. This enabled the toboggan to be used when it was raining: it was, and still is, the only one of its kind in Switzerland.
  • 1993 The Schongi hut and a kiosk were constructed to offer guests somewhere to sit and a place to purchase food and drink. In addition, two BBQ areas were built by the fish & duck pond so guests could prepare their own meals.
  • 1991 Schongiland’s grand opening took place. The main attraction was the summer toboggan run, covering a distance of 380 meters and guided through the old mill using a ski lift. In addition to the toboggan run, the Schongi Rail, a carousel and three mini scooters were the main attractions at the park.

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