The amusement park with lots of attractions

Welcome to the Swiss theme park for the whole family. Whether it’s the Schongi run, the bouncy castle or the kite flying swing: in Schongiland, young and old alike will find plenty of variety and fun. A special attraction is the toboggan run – the only covered facility of its kind, which incidentally, like the entire park, runs exclusively on clean solar power. The Schongiland amusement park offers you everything – except boredom. Discover the many different attractions here!


Toboggan fun at Schongiland – the highlight!

muki  2-5   kind 6+


Dragon Flight

Take up the reins and choose your own speed.

muki  3-5   kind 6+

Dragon Flight

Schongi Loop

Do you dare to do the Schongi Loop somersault?

muki  3-5   kind 6+

Schongi Loop


Our newest attraction!

muki  4-6   kind 7+


Pedal Cars Course

Who is the fastest in our Pedal Cars Course?

kind 3+

Pedal Cars Course

Ice Racer

A fun train ride awaits you.

muki  2-5   kind 6+

Schongi Rail

Expo Slide

Whiz down the long slide on a carpet, alone or two by two – as often as you want!

kind 5+

Expo Slide

Barbecue Areas

We provide you with firewood free of charge.


Mill Pond

The perfect place for a short break before the next course.


Petting Zoo

In our petting zoo visitors are able to be very close to their favorite animals.

Petting Zoo

Bike trail

Let off your steam on the 900 moutside facility. Bikes and protective equipment are available for free.1

Bike Course

Water Playground

Explore how water channels its own paths.

Water Playground

Mill Museum

Discover how people already grinded with stone mills almost 1000 years ago.

Mill Museum

Sport Equipment

Are you skillful enough for the monocycle? And did you already try out the dirtsurfer?

Ufo Schongiland

Slide of Hell

Grit your teeth and get to it – in the tunnel slide.

Slide of Hell

Bouncy Castles & Pillows

Among others, there is a trampoline especially for children younger than 6 years old.

Bouncy Castle

Fun Shooter

Load, aim, shoot!

Fun Shooter

Swing Rope

Try the Swing Rope!

Swing Rope

muki  only accompanied by an adult  
 kind no need to be accompanied by an adult
1 different sizes for children and adults